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Discussion in ' Sexuality ' started by silly1one , Jan 12, Personal info as kik, , skype etc. Please use Private Messages for it. New users on the forum won't be able to send PM untill certain criteria are met you need to have at least 6 posts in any sub forum. One more important message - Do not answer to people pretending to be from xnxx team or a member of the staff. If the is not from forum xnxx. Please be carefull who you give your information to. The way it's gonna work is that you can send me a PM with a verification picture.

The picture has to contain you and forum name on piece of paper or on your body and your username or my username instead of the website name, if you prefer that. I need to be able to recognize you in that picture. You need to have some pictures of your self in your gallery so I can compare that picture. Please note that verification is completely optional and it won't give you any extra features or access. You will have a check mark as I have now, if you want to look and verification will only mean that you are who you say you are.

You may not use a fake pictures for verification. If you try to verify your with a fake picture or someone else picture, or just spam me with fake pictures, you will get Banned! Hello, Personal info as kik, , skype etc. Thank you, StanleyOG. Hello, New users on the forum won't be able to send PM untill certain criteria are met you need to have at least 6 posts in any sub forum. Best regards, StanleyOG. Hello, You can now get verified on forum. The pictures that you will send me for verification won't be public Best regards, StanleyOG.

ed: Jul 4, Messages: 1, Jan 12, How was your first anal experience? Giving or receiving. Did it hurt, were you scared or nervous? Was it planned or did it just happen? Did it make you cum? ed: Jan 7, Messages: 1, Okay, I'll go first. I was twenty and yes, I was very nervious. Being scared has always made me hot though. The more erotic and dangerous something is, the more I seem to want to do it. I was with a guy I trusted completely though. Yes, it hurt. It still hurts, tbh. It's a white hot sting that burns when I feel my hole being stretched open. It does fade rather quickly as I relax.

Once I've been opened, he can re enter me with little trouble. The real pleasure begins after I loosen up and he slides deeper into me. That first penetration still hurts, but it's is just overpowering with other sensations. Oddly, even the act of his pulling feels wonderful. It was planned. He had played with my anus before and I loved how that felt. It was just a natural next step to take his cock there.

I was on my period and really horney when I finally told him to do it. We used baby oil as a lube. It worked, but a high quality anal lube is far superior. No, it didn't make me cum. I've orgasmed during anal since then while simultaneouly rubbing my clit and its fucking mind blowing. I love feeling my man cumming in my ass.

The sudden flow of his cum adds lubrication and makes his final thrusts just slide in and out. Even still, I advise using condoms unless you plan on bathing right afterward. Like x 6. ed: Feb 17, Messages: 1, Jan 13, I was 22 years old and extremely willing to try anything and everything. Too bad I picked the wrong guy to be that way with I thought he was more experienced than he was. Yes I was a bit nervous. Yes it hurt. It actually brought tears to my eyes. I made him stop and never let him close to my butt again.

My next partner introduced me to the pleasures of anal sex and I've enjoyed it now and then ever since. Like x 3. ed: May 24, Messages: 41, If your lucky and find the right person to go slow and do it right its fucking HOT a older lady i saw she was hot she was the first one i did anal sex with fuck it was hot been doing it ever since. Like x 1. ed: Jan 19, Messages: 3, I never liked the idea, I still don't, its too squicky.

One day GF woke up and had had a dream where she'd been fucked in the arse, this had turned her on. So I got nominated to try it. I got a condom, some KY jelly. I did the deed, came, went to the bathroom and flushed the used condom, washed my hands. We never talked about it again, so I don't know if she enjoyed it.

I got to come is the best I can say for it. The things I do for love. ed: Feb 9, Messages: 29, I had let a couple guys try at first. But never could relax enough. It hurt like hell. But the actual first time was planned. It was actually pretty romantic. That sounds crazy i know But i remember he was behind me. I was on my stomach. Legs spread Kissing my neck.

Tried to distract him penetrating me with the kissing. But it still hurt, we did use lube. I remember i even cried and he was going slow.

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