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Again, I am overwhelmed by the support and love I've received from everyone. It feels great to be comforted and cheered on by you all. Thank you so much. So, husband cheated. He has been since "maybe two weeks before last Christmas", according to him.

I was very calm when confronting him and took the advice many of you gave me by telling him that he needs to explain to me who Roxy is and why she is his "best friend" on Snapchat. His face gave him away immediately but he still tried to lie to me at first. He said that she works with his friend and they met when his friend invited her out to lunch with the two of them. At first, he claimed he only met her about two months ago. He said that they're "best friends" because he doesn't receive many snapchats from others and she is extremely active on the app. He said she just sends randoms and is really into fitness, so she sends a lot of "inspirational" snaps on being healthy and living a better life.

He said that every once in a while, he'll send her something back, like a picture of a cheeseburger or something just to tease her about her level of health-consciousness. First, I asked why he didn't just tell me about her. He said he didn't even think about it because she's just an acquaintance, not even a friend.

Then I asked if he'd ever received anything even remotely inappropriate from her. He answered with, "Not on purpose". I'm assuming he went with that because he knew I opened that snapchat and he probably knew it was a bad one. I asked what "Not on purpose" means. He got very defensive. Started raising his voice and saying he doesn't need to explain what that means, that sometimes people accidentally send the wrong snapchats to the wrong people.

Then he had the nerve to say something along the lines of, "I feel like I'm on trial here. People warned me that you'd get crazy when you're pregnant but I never thought it'd be this bad. As some of you mentioned in my last post, it seems amazing that I'm able to keep such a level-head.

That is because I was raised by a mother who always told me that you never accomplish anything with anger. That you can be emotional, passionate, upset, etc. Messages received quietly and concisely are just as loud and clear as messages received through yelling and screaming. That is how I have lived my life for 26 years, with the exception of just a few blow ups I am human. This moment was an exception. I didn't exactly yell and scream, but I became furious. For him to try to blame this on me being pregnant? How unoriginal and offensive. Long story short, he said he'd never seen me this crazy and I told him that I'd never seen a picture of another girl's pussy on my husband's snapchat before.

He came back with that I shouldn't have looked at his snapchat. I came back with that it was an accident but even if it hadn't been, there shouldn't be any reason he's receiving snapchats like that for me to see- accidentally or not- in the first place.

I told him that I may be pregnant but I'm also an intelligent person and I am his wife , so I knew he was lying and I deserved to know the truth. I asked if I could see his text messages to see if he's been texting Roxy. He said sure. No messages. Then I asked to see his Facebook messages. He looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He told me no. I asked why. He finally broke and started to cry. Told me he couldn't let me see the messages because they would hurt me. Because they were inappropriate. Then it all came out. They screwed in the backseat of her car the first night they met.

This is already long so I'll spare you all the details. But it's been an ongoing affair for months. No, they did not always use protection. Although I was recently screened for STIs, I'll be getting checked again in light of this information. My uncle already assured me that if he was unfaithful, we would cream him in court. I won't be seeking spousal support but I will seek child support. I'm obviously heartbroken and told him to go stay in a hotel or with Roxy for all I cared I confronted him last night.

Right now I'm sort of numb but I'm also thinking very clearly. I know what my next 10 moves are and I feel supported and secure in my decision to leave him and keep my baby. A few things I just wanted to clarify: My husband is not a lawyer; his good friend is. There was some concern for my success in court if my husband is a lawyer. His friend is in environmental law so, while I'm sure he can provide some advice, he will not be my husband's divorce lawyer.

There were suggestions of me terminating my pregnancy. I fully support the right to choose and I would probably terminate the pregnancy if I was in a different financial position and lacked a support system. However, I work as a marketing manager for a large company. I do not rely on my husband for money and I really never have.

He works in tech so, while he makes a good salary, I will have no need for spousal support. I have a phenomenal support system; this baby will be loved so dearly by so many. Yes, I will have to deal with my husband for the rest of my life if I have this child and it will make future relationships for me more difficult, but it is worth it. I've wanted this baby since day one and I am her mother, which means that I am strong enough to raise her alone because I have to be strong enough.

Here's to hoping for a speedy divorce. I'm ready to be done with this marriage. Which is crazy because just a few days ago I thought my life was as close to perfect as you could get. I will be proceeding with a divorce and will keep our baby. I'm numb but calm and feeling good about my decisions and how I handled the situation. I know there is a long road ahead of me and this will all probably really hit me soon. When it does, I'll mourn and grieve the end of what I had thought was a happy union. Right now I'm in self-preservation mode and much more focused on how to come out of this in the best position possible.

Thank you so much for all the advice and support, Reddit! Edit: Formatting. Wow, this much support is just I am currently at my parent's condo, sitting outside at their pool, sunbathing my little baby bump and reading each and every one of your amazing and empowering comments. I just want you all to have that image; that you have made me happy and content in a time when I am short on both. This is proof that love does exist, even if it doesn't within my, now over, relationship. And that is a powerful thing. Me again: I was going to post more details on what happened during the confrontation with my husband, etc.

I should keep some details private; it's likely my husband has seen this post. My dad and I were up late talking last night and, as usual, he had the perfect thing to say to me. He told me that weak people are afraid of strong people. He told me to keep on terrifying the weak ones. That way, the only people who won't fear you are the bravest, strongest of people and those are the people who are worthy of you.

Then he said my husband is a spineless turd who couldn't kick it with the strongest woman in the world. Just thought I'd leave you with that and encourage everyone to "be terrifying" by being strong and not standing for nonsense. This is the last I will post on the matter. I have a lot ahead of me with everything and will probably go quiet on Reddit for a while. Time to get ready for court and to "be terrifying". Thank you, thank you, thank you again. Love to all of you and best wishes.

I've been thinking of you since I saw the original post a few days ago. It broke my heart to hear this, you deserve a thousand times better than a man like him. You've handled the entire thing with utter grace by the sounds of things, I for one could not keep my cool especially if I had pregnancy hormones whizzing around my body. I am flawed by your measured response and strength to leave someone who quite clearly doesn't deserve you. That is true strength. Your child is lucky to have such a strong mother and role model.

All the best for the future, you deserve happiness x. I've been thinking about this as well since I read the first post. I would have legit been unable to hold my composure. Kudos to you for keeping your cool, your baby is lucky to have a mommy like you :. I'm so angry on your behalf. My eyebrows and blood pressure shot up at this part:. You're going to be so much better off without him. Your baby will be greatly loved, and you'll be a kickass mom. Good luck to you! I audibly gasped eating by myself at Chipotle. What the honest to God fuck. I bet I can think of the exact two people who said that.

Husbands friend, and husbands side piece. Same here, but also an evil smile crept across my face when I read her uncle's assurance at reaming his ass in court. I am steaming mad reading this as well. I am SO impressed by how OP handled things. I was actually 10x more chill when pregnant. I am so sorry to hear this, but it sounds like you're a tough and strong woman.

You will get through this, fuck that guy. Sending my best wishes your way. She sounds like a kick-ass woman. Fuck that guy. He's not worthy. OP, could you maybe mentor all the people who come here paralyzed with fear when confronted with being cheated on?

I think your mother raised you smartly. To be honest it's the people who don't show emotion and scream and go crazy that we should be afraid of. I also think a lot of people are afraid of this scenario exactly happening. Maybe they don't have the confidence and strong support-- and that's ok, every person and situation is different.

Cheating snapchat reddit

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