Country boy names 2016

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Lewis, James and Logan remain in second, third and fourth places respectively. Oliver up 16 places to 8th and Jamie up 2 places to 10th are new entrants to the top Ethan up 9 places to 13th and Harry up 11 places to 19th are the only other new entrants in the top Jack has been one with Lewis second in eight of those years, with Lewis top and Jack second for the other four.

Noah and Riley up 27 and 18 places respectively to t 41st , Cole up 17 places to 45th , Jacob both up 16 places to t 46th and Fraser up 6 places to 48th are new entrants in the top Other names making ificant advances in the top 50 include Alfie up 8 places to 27th , Kai up 14 places to 31st , Luke up 10 places to 36th and Rory up 7 places to 37th.

Lower down the top , Mason up 21 places to 54th , Robbie up 14 places to 61st and Murray up 15 places to 66th also make advances. New names reaching the top include Ollie up 90 places to 85th and Kaiden up 11 places to 91st. There have been reductions in popularity for Owen down 22 places to 55th , Aidan down 20 places to 71st , Kenzie down 15 places to 89th.

By the end of November , nearly 28, boys had been registered, with almost 3, different first names being used. The top 50 names ed for 46 per cent of the total. Nearly 1, boys were given unique for first names. A full list of all first names registered in may be downloaded from the List of Detailed Tables on this website. Babies' First Names Printer-friendly version.

Country boy names 2016

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