Coworker nudes

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About an hour ago, I just received a text from a coworker of mine who has been at the company about two years I have been there three years myself. The text contained basically an album of explicit photos showing said person in various sexually revealing photos exposing private parts. Oh yeah I forgot to mention - this coworker also goes to my church so I would have to see them every Sunday if they got fired Go to HR, and explain: you received inappropriate and unsolicited content from a coworker; you suspect it was by accident; and that you have told the coworker you are deleting the images.

You need to get HR to file a report in case it happens again, but not get your coworker in trouble in case it was a mistake. HR should also be able to give your coworker the benefit of the doubt, and HR does not need to see any photos if you're not making an official complaint. Tell your coworker that you deleted the accidental message, but any future images will be handed over to HR.

Yes you can always report the person to hr or you can just simply reply back hey did you mean to send that to me? And it they say yes them you just let them know your not interested in them and that you dont want them messaging you. Reverse the genders : is this still your recommendation? Serious question. I don't see why this should be brushed off like that. Some of the responses you have received so far are astounding to me, and I suspect that they would be completely different if a woman received an unsolicited picture album of a male co-worker's private parts.

She would be told to go straight to HR and do not confront the male. In the current environment, I would be concerned that this could somehow be turned against you. Take your phone to HR, tell them what you have said here. Let HR investigate if it was an accident.

What steps can I take to cover my ass and should I give the coworker a chance to explain themselves or go full blast to HR? Why are you under the impression you need to reply? Delete the photos and say nothing, because you never got them. Well I would like the employee punished if it was done intentionally. Would you give op the same advice if he was a woman who received an album full of dick pics?

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Coworker nudes

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