Cuckold kink

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I dated this guy about a year ago, and in many ways he was exactly the guy I was looking for. The main hitch was sexual. Our sex was good, but he had a fetish where he wanted me to sleep with other guys. He was also into threesomes or swapping with another couple. I experimented with all of that for a few months, and in a way I had fun with it, but I finally realized that this lifestyle is not for me. I want a more traditional, monogamous relationship.

I broke it off with him. We reconnected recently, and he wants to get back together. He says that he wants to be with me, even if it means a more traditional sex life. If he decides to forgo his fetish in order to be with me, can he ever feel truly fulfilled with our sex life? I also worry that down the road he might change his mind and try to convince me to experiment with nonmonogamy again, which would make me feel pressured.

No one person can be all things to another person—sexually or in any other way. Fill in the blanks. If those other things are enough for him to have a great sex life with you without getting to enjoy this particular kink, you can make this work.

No fucking other guys, but sometimes sharing stories of past exploits? Who we are and what we want at 39 or 49 can look very different than who we were and what we wanted at My partner has a hard time dealing with the fact that before him, I had several casual flings and one-night stands. It has repeatedly caused issues with us. He is disturbed by the vastness of my past and concerned that I am sometimes impulsive. Because of these things, he often feels too scared to move forward in the relationship. In all other ways we have a supportive, fun-filled, and loving relationship—but I wonder if this issue is just too fundamental.

With apologies to George Santayana: bros who cannot shut up about your past are condemned to reside in it. My boyfriend of three months is great! My parents like him, my friends like him, and my cat is enamoured with him. I had some reservations that he was only coming around to cuddle with my cat—which I know sounds crazy—so I disregarded it. Then he told me that he loves sleeping in my bed because of the mattress!

He says his mattress at home hurts his back and he feels achy all day unless he sleeps at my place. Since men can get cats and mattresses of their own, BEDS, my money is on the latter. On the Savage Lovecast , Mistress Matisse is back to talk about her very special lube: savagelovecast. : mail savagelove. Follow Dan on Twitter fakedansavage. Plus, what's a man supposed to do with a hall pass when he's in love with his girlfriend? Plus, bi siblings come out, straight guy experiments with trans sex workers, and a closeted pec lover.

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Cuckold kink

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Savage Love: Can someone drop the cuckold kink for monogamy?