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Hip Forums. Guys: Can you cum more than once or twice during a session? Just saw a clip of a guy cumming on a girl.. I've done 7 in a row. That was when I was 18, though. I usually just do it once. We usually just wait about 15mins between each session so when we do it again its more enjoyable for both of us.

EazyE , Nov 4, She just assumes that once its over the first time, its time to cuddle. Usually after one time i'm pretty bored of the idea of a second or third. Not to mention, me and my ex would orgasm at the same time so she'd instantly be exhausted so there is no point in going for multiple. Rigamarole , Nov 11, I totally think it's too much for times which will hurt you body do so many times. I can cum times a night and still stay hard. Stopping to put on a new condom is the only interuption. If I don't have to use a condom I can still keep going without stopping at all.

I can go all night without cuming if I'm rolling on some good X. AT98BooBoo , Nov 14, There is a point right after when I lose some sensitivity and drive, but work through that 2 minutes or so, and it's all good. I do lose a little size after every orgasm, though. I have experanced women to have muti orgasms during one session.

As for myself, being a guy. I have had only one experance where I cum more then once. I was getting a BJ. After I cum in his mouth, he kept sucking me and 30 seconds later I shot again. Goindwntwn , Jan 2, Yes i can do it three times if she's going to stay over.

Maybe four There's always tomorrow. Imagine11 , Jan 3, SleepyGreen , Jan 3, He's gone for 6 hours before and got off about 12 times, weird and strange, but it's the usual for him,,, not saying everyone is a freak of nature like that but it does happen, it's not neccessarily a great thing though,, i mean imagine how much it hurts to be the chick on the other end of that horney stick,,lmao.

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Cum twice forum

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Guys: Can you cum more than once or twice during a session?