Dark d on kik

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This day and age there are symbols for pretty much everything mobile, from emoticons to emoji and it can be difficult to navigate the meaning of all of them. Currently, the app is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones. Kik S, D, R Meaning. The most commonly used and asked about ones are S, D, and R. If you see S in your conversation that means that the Kik Messenger server has successfully sent your message to the person. If you see a D then you can know that the message has been delivered to your friend or family person.

If you see an R that means for certain the message was delivered to the recipient and that they opened and saw the text. There are some other symbols that will give you more information about the app and whether your friend has seen the message. If you see the three dots and it never switches you will want to check your internet connection. Either make sure your WiFi is working or cellular network is working. You can try to turn your phone on airplane mode then back on to reconnect to the internet. Try closing out of the app and reopen it and make sure you have internet by trying to go to a website.

That should fix the problem. You can also check the Kik server status to see if their servers are down, which means no one could send or receive a message. One will be black and one may be faded or grey looking. So they may have read the text in the notification screen or may not have seen it yet.

Answer : As of now, there is no way to enable this on your Android, you will have to have an iPhone or Windows Phone. It would be great if you could share other tips if you know of any. Also, keep in mind, Kik changes their app regularly so you may find that the symbols change or their meaning changes with updates.

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Dark d on kik

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