Dirty snaps tumblr

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The dressing room was empty as you sat down on the couch next to hoseok ,he looked up from his phone then looked over at you. He lightly bit his bottom lip as he looked at you putting his phone down ,he looked around making sure nobody was around. Hoseok picked you up and sat you down on his lap ,his lips pressed up against yours as his hands started feeling on your body. Both of you closed your eyes as your arms around his neck ,and his hands grabbed your hips then gipped your butt. His tongue slid inside your mouth wrapping yours ,your tongue slid from his and wrapped around his overpowering his tongue.

Hoseok grabbed your butt tighter as he opened his eyes looking at you. He easily tongue snatched away from yours ,as he deepens the kiss his tongue wrapped around yours again. His hands grabbed your thighs and started grinding his growing bulge up against the crotch of your pants. You broke the kiss as moans escaped your lips and hoseok kissed your neck.

Hmm, How should I punish you for acting up today? Its been a while since I spanked you ,or how about I fuck you nice and rough so everyone can hear your beautiful moans. Originally posted by jinsbts. Originally posted by jungkooknohomo-moved. Originally posted by bwisan. Posts Ask Moonlight some questions Archive. Would daddy Hoseok still ruin me? Anonymous asked: Hoseok Wouldn't you rather to fuck me until I break and become a moaning and teary mess than eat me out and let me sit on your face?

Isn't that way much better sir? Hoseok's kitten. Anonymous asked: i just really want Hoseok to overstimulate me until i have tears in me eyes Anonymous asked: This baby's got some pent up frustration and feelings from testing this week, could Hoseok fuck me until I forget my name??

Anonymous asked: Hobi i read a mtl where you were least likely to date a black girl : i hope thats not true daddy Anonymous asked: I'm too bratty and needy for my own good and I need someone to please choke me and make me feel loved. See this in the app Show more.

Dirty snaps tumblr

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