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Femdom fetishes are considered all those sexually explicit behaviors where a dominant female is in the role of a master or owner or her male counterpart. It is actually hard to give a precise definition of this subject because there are so many types of female domination and female supremacy but this article will give you a detailed explanation of the best and most popular femdom fetishes. Based on the votes of our visitors and statistics logs collected for many years now, Femdom Destiny created a comprehensive list of femdom fetishes sorted by popularity.

Every one of the top-ranked is described below and it contains links to best femdom photos and video samples so you can get a better idea about that particular fetish. But when you think better, maybe there is a logical explanation for its popularity. Not everyone loves bizarre femdom and painful stuff so sitting on the face of men seems like the good balance considering that it is possible to suffocate slave if the ass is big enough and Mistress is determined to do it. Also, one of the most attractive and feminine parts of the female body is the butt, so it is understandable that ass worship for many people is the logical entrance into the forbidden world of female supremacy.

Bot terms are used to describe the same technique while facesitting is more common. Still, real fans of this subcategory will easily see the difference. One of the most widespread fetishes is a foot fetish. What most of the feet fetishists will start to notice fast is that touching and looking at female feet is simply not enough. They will begin to feel and realize that there is something more than that and they are in right. The next level is of foot fetishism is footdom shortened from foot domination.

As an integral part of foot fetish, there are many sub of footdom. For example, bare feet worship , dirty feet licking , sweaty feet domination or simply a forced feet licking. Some men love to adore female feet with an additional twist so there are more popular niches like nylon pantyhose sniffing or sweaty feet cleaning.

Even if it relatively simple femdom fetish, there are more variations and they are usually related to footwear. Simply speaking, there is literally army if people into femdom boots worship and maybe even more into high heels footdom fetish. When a Goddess wants to make a session long, she will combine multiple things from dangling and teasing to choking with the dirty feet. You will notice that as we are going down the list, there is a clear increase in pain scale with every new place.

First two most popular femdom fetishes are more like obsessions compared to others and now it is time for more serious stuff. Ballbusting is the subcategory of cock and balls torture described below and just as with 11th ranked, this femdom cult is not for everyone.

It takes a special kind of determination and strength to withstand being kicked in balls and stay on your legs. So what is going on there, why some males want to be injured this way? After being viciously beaten in the groins, endorphins are directly discharged into the body of a slave.

They cause the brain to misinterpret this unique sensation as pleasure and cause extreme sexual arousal in practitioners. Kicks in this sensitive body part can leave you permanently handicapped. Ideally, ballbusting is should be performed by a Dominatrix knowing what she is doing. For example, take a look at how it looks like when two Mistresses together kick the slave in balls.

Strap on femdom sex or pegging is the ultimate fantasy for so many men that you would be shocked if you had a chance to get their honest confessions. At some point in their life, most of the males wondered how does it feel for a woman to be penetrated and fucked hard. Then they figure out that they could find out because males and females are having the anal hole but this is also far as they will go. But what if anal penetration is performed by a dominant woman?

Will things than stay within the boundaries of normal and accepted? Sure, and this is the breaking point where guys usually decide to look for a Dominatrix to fuck their pathetic asses. It takes some time to find it but if a Goddess is experienced enough, she will make her slave ejaculate while stimulating the prostate. As some of you are guessing this is where sexual dominance becomes even more interesting and addictive. The perfect example of double pegging torture is here. Some other Dominatrices like German Mistress Susi sincerely believe that the best way to hurt and humiliate sub is to fuck slave with the huge strapon dildo that barely has a chance to penetrate his arse.

By its specific nature, sissy slavery is not as violent as above mentioned anal domination. Forcing men to be dressed like girls sounds like something easy from the perspective of submissive men. Well, this is where most of them make a mistake believing that it will end there or eventually with some cursing and bad mouth from their Humiliatrix.

But if you are in a position to dominate and have your own personal real life sex toy, would you stop there? We all know the answer. This is why fem dom cross-dressing is usually a starting point in slave depravation. The logical epilogue of having such a cute slave girl or a sissy maid in front of you is to use, abuse and punish her.

For example, take a look at Lady Nina Birch over the knees sissy spanking and how efficiently is she handling her sissy slave. Or check out something more serious like the video of a sissy in chastity being fucked by a Strapon Goddess.

If you are into this type of explicit material, this site is perfect for you, there are plenty of sissy debauchery to explore. Corporal punishment in the form of over the knee spanking is usually the first association for people when you mention domestic discipline. An old and effective method of erotic female domination is easy to perform because a Mistress can do it everywhere. There is no need for special tools, a firm bare hand is more than enough to punish a slave that can also be a female spanking is popular in lezdom.

Of course, in ideal circumstances spanking is done under special conditions. If a Mistress has a dungeon at her disposal, the submissive person will be tied and then mercilessly beaten with paddles, tawses, canes, floggers or birches. It is up to dominatrix to pick a tool depending on what she wants to accomplish.

One thing is for sure, whatever that discipline mistresses are using, the effects of this type of torture are almost immediate. The red bottom or even bloody bruises will disable slave to sit for a while, sometimes even longer than a week. This is exactly why spanking and caning torture is great, there is a prolonged effect for a long time after the session is finished.

Similar to the above mentioned, femdom whipping is another form of corporal punishment. Origins of this methods are deeply embedded in history. From the beginning of slavery, the easiest way to control movement and obedience of enslaved people was to occasionally whip them. It was often done without a precise reason with the only goal to remind them who is the boss. With femdom whipping, a situation is similar to many years ago.

Cruel Goddesses love to whip their slaves that are usually tied. Keeping men enslaved and unable to move is a very important part of every brutal whipping torture session. That is easily stopped if he is placed into restraints so the only thing that is left for him is to beg for mercy. How fucked up whipping torture can be, you will see at BDSM dungeon whipping torture video where a slave is stretched on St. Abbreviation for this harsh category is CBT and this is the term you will often see through this site.

There are different sub-niches within femdom CBT based on the way how and with what tools cock and balls are tortured. But there is much more to learn end experience when it comes to genitals torture. For example, a medical exam with cock needling is one of the darkest fetish fantasies but only the inexperienced people will think that this is the worst that can happen to them. There are so many different forms of extreme cock and balls torture and the only limit is a Domina and her imagination.

To get a better idea of how far CBT can go, check out some of the finest dick torture pics or simply enjoy looking at patient suffering while the nurse in latex is stretching his genitals. Electrostimulation or femdom electro torture is one of the tiniest female power fetishes but it has the most loyal audience. This is probably because it is very specific and one of the most severe femdom fetishes because of responsibility coming with great power and pain.

Electric current can be used to shock the whole body or specially targeted parts. The second scenario is harder to achieve and genitals are usually the most wanted on the most abused body parts list. Still, we believe that trampling torture is a totally separate category in a similar way as ass domination is.

To trample slave means to stand on his body with all the available weight. Often, Dominatrix will use high heels to increase pain. There are several variations of trampling torture. The first difference is with a of girls. Usually, one girl will stand on the slave while he is suffering under her weight but there are scenarios where there are even three dommes trampling one guy at the same time.

It has the longest name from all femdom fetishes and it is an entry-level humiliation fetish for many people. The nature of this type of sexual humiliation is nonviolent but some girls perfected this process by adding more kink to it so you will easily find stuff like CFNM with anal penetration , featuring elements of strapon humiliation.

Anyway, the most important element of every CFNM scenario is that girls craving for weak men are always dressed or almost fully dresses while the subject of humiliation has to be naked. There is a special feeling of embarrassment and power exchange for men that is usually additionally boosted with verbal teasing or femdom handjobs.

You can learn more about CFNM and most common scenarios here. Well, definitely not for everyone and you should have a strong stomach to handle it, literally. Considering how hard is to control natural processes in the body, slaves will often end with poo in their mouth. How far this can go, you can see in a femdom shitting video here, of course, if you dare. You have been warned! Interestingly, but femdom pissing seems like the less interesting compared to shitting domination, at least regarding huge visitor analytics same from Femdom Destiny.

There is no much to tell about this type of experience with female Masters. As a slave, you will be subjected to a golden shower. If a Humiliatrix orders, you will have to drink it or wash your whole body with it. The idea of tasting and smelling warm jizz directly from a dominant vagina simply makes some people go crazy in a positive way.

Piss domination is often in close relation with pussy worship that is again, related to facesitting. Anyway, there is a great gallery showing a humble male slave waiting for two mistresses pissing in a bowl before he drinks it. Similar to strapon torture and ass domination, many men are walking on the thing border between being and not being gay. For most of them, the idea of copulating with a same-sex person is frightening. But what is great with femdom fetishes , they will easily push you over that border and make your experience and feel some of your deepest fantasies that you were not ready to admit that they even exist.

With a Mistress in control, an unconventional love will become a reality. Just like with every other female led relationship , your Goddess will tell you what to do and how to do. Whatever it is, in most of the cases, the dominant female is aware of how sensitive this can be and what kind of consequences this experience can leave. This is why you will often see guys fucking each other with a mask over their head. Experienced Dommes noticed a difference in their behavior long ago.

Simply speaking, they are ready and willing to much more when their faces are covered. There is one great update published recently here on Femdom Destiny that is special in so many ways. Should I mention that everything is happening on the table while pervert females are watching and cheering? Being a cuckold slave or a femdom hubby means that your dominant wife or a girlfriend will humiliate you by forcing to watch her having sex with another guy or a sexual slave.

The idea of seeing your beloved wife freely and shamelessly enjoying penetration is nothing more than power exchange and mental torture for a silent husband. Once there, it will never stop. Double penetration, black cocks, group sex, anal sex, everything is allowed. Sometimes husband has to be restrained because some of them will try to escape all that humiliation and brainfucking. While the horny wife is riding cock or cocks, she will tease and insult slave by telling him that he will never be so good and that he never managed to please her so well.

To find out more details about this sexual phenomenon, check out this and learn what does cuckold means. After carefully going through top list of femdom fetishes, some more experienced BDSM fetishists and lovers will notice that some things are missing. This is because the percentage of visitors looking for stuff like femdom farting humiliation , adult baby syndrome, femdom fisting, cum eating instructions, jerk off instructions JOI , small dick humiliation is really tiny.

Still, if you are one of them, you will find tons of galleries and free femdom videos available in search if you use the search on this . This site is filled with literally thousands of galleries of bizarre femdom fetishes and the huge of them is featuring Mistresses wearing tight fetish clothes while punishing their pathetic slaves. The article is already long enough so you should now dive deeper into the world of female rule and start exploring femdom fetishes covered here. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Other articles. Femdom fetishes — top 15 ranked by popularity Based on the votes of our visitors and statistics logs collected for many years now, Femdom Destiny created a comprehensive list of femdom fetishes sorted by popularity.

The final words about femdom fetishes After carefully going through top list of femdom fetishes, some more experienced BDSM fetishists and lovers will notice that some things are missing. Related Posts. Add Comment Cancel reply Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Fendom fetish

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