Fiji nude

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How a poorly timed, post-cyclone trip to Fiji quickly became an incredibly romantic, relaxing, and indulgent island stay. Departing from Honolulu, the Sunday flight to Nadi took off at 3 a. This provided a lot of actual and imagined time for us to wonder what we were doing. We were bound for a tiny volcanic island called Nanuya Levu in the Yasawa archipelago, which an American named Richard Evanson had purchased in and renamed Turtle Island. With the sole exception of a mountain bike ride I took around the island a few days later, that was the last time during our stay I saw my shoes.

Inside our thatched-roof home for the week. Photo courtesy of Turtle Island. In , The Blue Lagoon was shot on the island, and, as with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, clothing on the private beaches always seemed highly optional. The kava drink may not look appetizing, but it had everyone coming back for more. Photo by James Sturz. We were instead glad to shower and change in our room, the other guests for dinner, and then the staff around a giant wood-carved turtle for the Fijian tradition of drinking kava.

Made from the ground roots of the kava plant, the peppery Melanesian and Polynesian drink resembles diluted mud and is both a sedative and a euphoriant. Drinking it requires a lot of ritualized clapping. The nights we spent around the turtle would be full of stories.

Somehow the answer always turned out to be yes. We scuba dived, snorkeled, paddled, and visited the spa on some of our days — but none of that was the point. We were truly sad to leave. Turtle Island is an all-inclusive resort. Book Your Trip. The little seaplane that could. Clothing optional. Not your average punch bowl.

Fiji's expansive coral reef.

Fiji nude

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Leaving Your Shell in Fiji