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How many parents at Ft. Gay know that the whole cafeteria staff at the prek-8th grade at Fort Gay is in quarantine? They are going out and buying Who killed that poor boy and why have they not been locked up for it yet? Anyone know who sells propane? He's a scum bag. Lovely wife though. Kind of Annoying like that annoying orange lol. He's a fair man. A bit of a lair though.

There house was one of the best places in town. Til scum took over and Carl believing lies. Nothing but a thieving bastard and a liar who needs too be shoot. She was naked in front of her child. Cops had too fight with her too get some clothes on. She's staying with a man. Who's a junky. So is everyone up that way. On drugs or something. No one has a lick of since up that way. Is a good man. Didn't he go too jail for beating his wife. What really happened to Bobby berry.

Wasn't he mixed up in drugs? His family is some of the worst in the area. I seen her walking up the road naked, didn't look bad at all. She left him shortly after having the baby. He's an idiot. Hell I'm alot smarter. Shit bro that my cuz he's that way. Meth head huh? Figures he's a nobody his dad desserted him when he was a boy! Every new post is announced on the home . Enjoy your visit! Report a problem Report a technical problem related to this website.

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Gay topix

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