Going commando in school

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Oh dear. Now people are gonna call you "Nudist", "Streaker", or "Stripper" for a week. How is this a thing? Where do you do gym but don't shower afterwards? Isn't everyone naked then? Wait, why would that be shocking to them?

Don't you shower after gym class anyway? Who goes from gym class to putting clothes on? I used to go commando every day, I just refused to change. I feel bad for y'all who had to shower after gym class. That's just awkward. Thankfully, here in Baltimore County, we use showers. Have you just experienced an FML moment? Feel like sharing it with the other FML users?

Follow the instructions below, and if your story gets through the moderation process, it'll published in the next 24 hours. Thank you, your FML was submitted it will appear in moderation soon! Log in via Facebook Twitter. address. Password Forgot your password? Keep me ed in. By Oops. Today, I went commando for the first time at school. It went really well until gym class, when I got distracted and changed like I normally do.

I accidentally stripped in front of my whole class. I agree, your life sucks You deserved it Empathy lives. Blue Christmas. By Anonymous - United States. Today, I heard a little girl saying how much she didnt want braces to her mom because they hurt and make people look ugly. I looked at her and said, "Aww, there not that bad. See, I have them! She turned to her mom and said, "See! FML I agree, your life sucks By Stargirl - United States - Modesto.

Today, in an attempt to support and encourage my efforts in getting a new job, my boyfriend said, "Imagine having triple what's in your bank right now! By blah! Today, my grandkids went around my house claiming items to inherit. Today, I sprained my ankle while playing soccer. I still have to walk home. In the rain. By changeddaily - Australia. Today, I was telling my friend how lonely I am on Skype. He responded by deleting me as a friend. By rockefoe - United States. Today, I told my boyfriend that I didn't feel like he loved me. His response? Your looks?

Sore Today, a few hours after me and my husband had sex, he mumbled "This is why I hate sex," as he left to grab some Tylenol. Apparently, he's so out of shape that basic sex made his muscles too sore to sleep. This is the first time in 2 weeks we've had sex.

I'm always the one that has to ask for it. Today, in health class we were watching a documentary about anxiety. My teacher asked if any of us often feel anxious. I was too anxious to raise my hand, and went into a minor panic attack. Today, my year-old daughter's pregnancy test came back positive. I wanted to know who the father is, so I could sit the two of them down to talk the situation through with them.

She isn't sure if it's her best friend, or our neighbor's son. Today, I came back from a week long class trip. My mother took it upon herself to replace my bed sheets and clean my room. Apparently, she found a note under my mattress from my ex-boyfriend. It said "For all you future dudes, Connor was here first! By klifestyle Today, I came home to find my brother making out with my girlfriend while taking a selfie. By goner - United States.

Today, my wife and I decided it would be funny to pull a prank on her family who we were going to see for dinner. I hid in the foyer while she went in and announced to her parents that she was leaving me. I watched as her mother hugged her daughter and cried "Finally By jumanji. Today, I heard what sounded like water against my window, and I couldn't believe it was raining in Southern California at this time of the year.

I then turned to the window to see a hobo peeing on my window. By chewybarseventy - United States. Today, I came home to see my husband talking to his penis. By hesgonnahateme - United States - Benton. Today, I got a promotion and transfer at work. My first responsibility is to fire my soon to be father in-law. By hantavirus - United States. Today, I found out that the horrific smell coming from somewhere in my kitchen was a rotting dead mouse in my dishwasher.

I have been eating off plates washed in dead-mouse water for the past week. You learn something new every day Today, I woke up with a boner and found out that I have retrograde ejaculation. I'm stuck in jail and cant get medication to fix this. Today, my boss told me I ask too many questions and that's why they cut my hours in half. Officially, I'm a "Pharmacy Technician in Training", which means I'm trying to teach myself how to do the job without killing someone.

All from on the job experience and an outdated textbook. Today, I walked into my mother's house to find that she had knitted clothes for some of the household appliances. The toaster was wearing a dress. By soapisyourfriend - United States - Ashland.

Today, cable was installed at my house and the cable guy smelled like some horrid mix of cabbage and cheese. I'm pregnant and suffering from morning sickness. I've sprayed air freshener, lit candles, and opened windows despite the cold outside. I can't get rid of the smell. By anonymous. Stinky mom Today, my mom once again cried that I never come to visit her.

She just burns multiple candles and air fresheners all day to mask the smell. She refuses any cleaning help I offer. By Anonymous. Today, I tripped over a kid at work. She was sitting on the floor with her legs sticking out into the walkway. Her mom caused a scene, accusing me of doing it on purpose. Any excuse Today, I lived at home rent free, until now. According to my mother, I receive "too many packages" from online shopping, and now I need to "chip in. Today, I came home to my empty apartment. My girlfriend had left a note on the floor that said: "Took my stuff and left.

Took your stuff and pawned it. Today, I was using the restroom at a gas station when someone hurriedly knocked on the door. Thinking that it was my sister, I playfully said, "Hold up, hoe! Today, I was hauling cow shit.

I had a car following me very closely, so I turned on the spreader to get them to back off. It was a cop. I got pulled over in a tractor for spraying cow shit on a cop car. By FBfail - United Kingdom. Today, I saw my boyfriend of two years had ed a group on facebook called 'Guys who are proud of their girlfriends'. I smiled and was about to like it when I noticed a comment below from a girl saying "Awww thanks babe : xxxx". Today, my wife of four years confessed to me that she only married me for the money. Today, I found out I'm starting to get varicose veins, typical in older people who don't move enough.

I'm 34 and I get 9 hours of exercise a week. By Nick - Philippines. Today, I laughed at a joke and it literally took me a minute to realize that it was me they were making fun of.

Going commando in school

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