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Jill St. John is an American actress and singer. She is the only child of her parents. Actor Actress Comedian. Model Writer. Biography Jill St. John Relationships Jill St. It is to be noted that she was barely 17 when she got married. They had eloped together to Yuma, Arizona; she was 16 at the time, he was They remarried in Los Vegas assuming their first wedding wasn't legal, they married again in Los Angeles on the insistence of her parents.

Jill had known Robert since she was They had been living together since the valentine's day of and made their union official in Arguably, she has the highest IQ for a bond girl. Early career : She was into stage plays and Radio since the age of 5, she made her on screen debut at the age of just 9 through TV show A Christmas Carol.

Long career : Jill made her debut in through the short movie "The Christmas Carol". Her last on screen appearance was in Northpole , that makes her career a long 8 decade lasting career of 65 years, assuming she won't be acting again. Skiing : She liked Skiing down Aspen mountains in her youth. She has taught her stepdaughter Courtney Wagner to ski as well. She worked as a hostess at the "Red Onion" dining room in Aspen in her early days. She left acting as she got bored of acting, she keeps making returns once in a while Cooking : Jill is passionate about cooking, her parents ran a restaurant and it naturally helped her.

She took cooking classes in Europe. She would go into the kitchens of hotels she liked the food of and learn the recipe directly from chefs. Cookbooks : Jill has written several cookbooks, "The Jill St. John Cookbook" being one, also has appeared on TV cooking shows such as "in-house", "Good Morning America" Columnist : She has written columns for the newspaper "USA Weekend" Bold and beautiful : She played naughty, bold, red headed woman in many of her roles, she could be seen wearing bikini in the times when it was a taboo, she even went semi topless with an open shirt.

She got lot of youth following because of her antics. She attended the ballet with Natalie Wood and Stefanie Powers , coincidently all three women have had relationship with actor Robert Wagner She is of jewish background though not practicing and she calls yiddish her favorite language. John : Her mother changed her last name to St. John from Oppenheim at the age of 5. She got a nose job when she was 16, her mother apparently thought fixing her nose would make her much more attractive. Jill is fond of horses and riding them, she keeps few horses in her residence Deb Star of : She was chosen as one of the young actresses likely to make big in the Hollywood in future Diamonds Are Forever : She was called for a minor role in the movie, but after seeing her the producers decided to cast her in the lead role of Tiffant Case against Sean Connery.

She is also the first American woman to be cast as the bond girl. She loves pets and has a cat named Terminator and a German Shephard dog named- Larry. Children : She has 3 stepdaughters in Katie Wagner, Courtney Wagner and Natasha Gregson Wagner; but no biological children of her own If she was not an actress she would have liked to be a Biologist Political inclination : She is a self acclaimed conservative republican. Jill and Lana Wood have been at odds and are not on talking terms since the s.

Apparently Sean Connery was dating both of them simultaneously like a real James Bond: One Man's Family : A radio show which she was popular on in her teen years Business : On her return to Aspen from Hollywood she built a handmade sweater business Smith-St.

John Ltd along with Orchid growing. Betty died of leukemia in Diet control : She is off dairy products such as milk, cream or ice cream Children's Ballet Company : She is a member of Hollywood's Children's Ballet Company More of her life events with time line: check here She has ly lived in Honolulu, Los Angeles, London, Paris among other places She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in "If my bedroom could talk" Jill St.

John Quotes [About her life in Aspen] I'm convinced that living in the beautiful surroundings, being immersed in the nature prolongs your life. I think Aspen has softened my rougher edges Immediate gratification is what most people are fond of these days. I have been a cook since I was a little little girl. Take someone's hands in yours and tell them 'I Love You' I promised myself that I never stop dying my hair, that I never have white hair. I believe that personal happiness is still greater than any career. I know who I am and those who care about me know who I am.

I love the idea of belonging to one man, and having one man belong to me. I am a comedienne, it is my forte, I have never pretended to be a drama actress. I'm very funny, Comedy is what I've always wanted to do Food is my life I feel the only way to control health is through exercise and food control, moderation is the byword. John Jill St. John Young Jill St.

Actress , Singer. Magic Only Robert Wagner calls her that. Jill Openheim , Jill Oppenheim.

Jill st. john topless

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