Kik bot names

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Kik, the instant messenger app for mobile devices, announced the Bot Shop from where users can download a bot directly to the messenger. Bots are like smart apps that users can talk to. The bots can make it easier for users to find information from within the Kik messenger. Bots deliver that. The Bot Shop currently has 16 bots over three different : entertainment, lifestyle and games.

Here is a complete list of bots that users can download on their Kik messenger. Vine - With the Vine bot Kik users will be able to share looping video clips of up to six seconds from within the Kik messenger. Users can just send any message with an emoji or text and the bot will send a hilarious video. Users can also get randomly generated videos. Secret Admirer - " With Secret Admirer Bot, you can send secret notes to those you've been admiring from afar. It's a great way to spend those Kik points you've been hoarding-that is, if you want to ensure your crush remains a secret!

The Weather Channel - It is a personal weather bot that offers weather conditions and predictions directly on the Kik messenger. Sephora - This is a cool bot for girls who want to learn about makeup. The bot gives video clips, tutorials and tips about makeup. The bot may also help users to find a product used in a specific tutorial.

Anything from joggers and jeans to tops and shirts Kik Points - The Kik Points bots gives users offers to earn points, check balance and spend them. J Celeb Quizzes - J is a teen entertainment magazine and its Kik bot offers gossip about favorite stars. GalatronVS - It is a space shooter game, which users can play with friends directly from the Kik messenger. Arterra - Arterra is a chat-based adventure game, which allows users to play mini games to advance further. Tickers the Bot - It is a simple Tic Tak Toe bot, which users can play with the computer or with friends.

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Kik bot names

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A Guide to Building Bots for Kik Messenger