Male pornstars on snapchat

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On a recent rainy morning, I taught one of the biggest male porn stars in the world how to send me photos on Snapchat. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. On one hand, James Deen — performer extraordinaire , Lindsay Lohan collaborator and scruffy, Jewish fantasy bedmate of women everywhere — gets naked on camera for a living, and Snapchat is the perfect platform on which to exchange dirty material. On the other hand, he's a regular human being whose existence includes things besides sexual intercourse. I gave Deen an asment: surprise me with random snaps throughout the week.

I couldn't predict the outcome, but I was confident the two of us were about to embark upon a bizarre and magical adventure. My friends warned me to prepare for a deluge of dong. My coworkers expressed excitement and concern. I elected not to tell my mother about the asment.

The backstory: I approached Deen in late May after he tweeted about his difficulties with Snapchat. A self-described "old man" he's 29 , he had downloaded the app with the intention of seeing what the "youth" were up to. After he made his username public , lots of people, mostly women, began sending him naked photos. But when he tried to dig deeper, he got lost: "Dear babes I don't really know how to use Snapchat because I'm secretly an old man," he confessed on Twitter.

Sensing an opportunity, I reached out to Deen's people to ask if he would be open to a Snapchat tutorial. It was a win-win: He'd learn the ropes of Snapchat, and I'd get a story and an excuse to brag to everyone I know. The tutorial didn't take long. I walked him through the basic steps of sending a Snapchat, as well as how to add friends and how to snap back and forth with someone.

We agreed to check back in after a week to track his progress. The snaps: Deen uses social media in much the same way non-porn performers do: to talk about the boring details of his everyday life. A selection of his recent tweets: tacos , traffic and coffee. The desire to learn how to use Snapchat was rooted in a similar principle: It would give him another way to lob random nuggets of wisdom out into the ether. Still, I was wary of opening my phone in public. He's a porn star, my friends reminded me; it's his job to expose himself to the world. While we were still on the phone, he sent the first photo, posing with a bottle of Cholula hot sauce and the caption "Yay I'm snapping!!!!

Next came a photo of his cat, followed by a fully clothed selfie, as well as a shot of some camera lenses and a water bottle full of red-colored liquid. The verdict: James Deen is, by my tally, a perfectly serviceable Snapchat pal. He le a more interesting life than most people on my contact list. But everyone who predicted an onslaught of triple-X material and naked selfies was woefully mistaken. While there were some suggestive shots — a fake penis, a water bottle between his jean-clad legs, a clean-shaven selfie with the caption "I shaved for a porno movie" — the closest I got to actual skin was a shirtless selfie he took sitting on a couch.

Even when I goaded him a little — "Your snaps are boring! Lots and lots of cats. Squeak McQueen Esq. My editor suggested he wasn't sending me anything interesting because I was a reporter. My friends suggested he needed some time to warm up. As it turns out, none of those suggestions was the truth. James Deen is all about consensual sexts.

He has a big issue with sending graphic content on Snapchat, he told me when we checked in the next week. He didn't want to add it to his story, either, for fear that someone who wasn't anticipating something dirty would be left with their jaw hanging open. The primary problem centered around the fact that many of his fans are underage, including the ones sending him Snapchats, and he's not of the mindset that he should be sending them anything they couldn't show their parents.

It's a selfish morality thing of just not wanting to deal with the consequences personally," he said. It was the height of irony: The man whose genitalia is splayed across the Internet wouldn't use an app infamous for sexts and NSFW videos to show off the goods. Sexting, after all, usually takes place between acquaintances who have ly exchanged s.

I communicate with all the people I know via text message and . The vast majority of his Snapchat contacts are random people; he told me I was the only person he actually knew on the app. Not that he was bothered by it. Nevertheless, he said he would happily include Snapchat in his rotation of social media s. I suggested he could solicit dong shots and give photography advice as a kind of Ask a Porn Star gimmick, which he jumped on, enthusiastically reporting he "would totally do dick critiques!

Whatever he does on Snapchat, however, wouldn't be for profit. People told me to do that. I'm not going to do that," he said. Still, even after he laid out the perfectly reasonable explanations for his aggressively tame Snapchat persona, I couldn't help but feel a little cheated out of some exclusive, personalized smut. He's a major porn performer, after all; concluding our adventure without any scintillating snaps felt like leaving a five-star buffet with an empty belly.

Just as I was beginning to re myself to a vanilla life on Snapchat, however, he dropped a glimmer of hope in my lap. By Sophie Kleeman. As it turned out, however, I had nothing to hide.

Male pornstars on snapchat

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