Pantyhose and nylons

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Post by AHalfmann » Thu Mar 23, am. Post by katspaw » Thu Mar 23, pm. Post by AHalfmann » Thu Mar 23, pm. Post by Bailey » Fri Mar 24, pm. Post by Scooter1 » Mon Apr 10, pm. Post by Barbara Fuller » Thu Apr 27, pm. Post by Perry » Fri Apr 28, am. Post by tcward » Fri Apr 28, am. Post by deespoohbear » Sat Apr 29, pm. Nylons vs. Panty Hose A forum for discussing US dialects accents. Post Reply. I had never heard anyone my age refer to panty hose or just plain "hose" for short as nylons until a neighbor close to my age, who moved to Texas from CT, came over and asked me to point her to the closest store that sold 'nylons.

Are there any other names out there for 'hose' other than nylons? A girl has to be prepared! Mama of three boys, wife of one, writer by day, musician by night. Quote Post by katspaw » Thu Mar 23, pm I've always called them stockings, myself. Especially if they're the gartered kind that I preferred, or the thigh-high type. I've heard of stockings. But not lately. My question is The English idea of hose is a very tightfitting wrap on the legs but it has a much looser intrepretation in German, anyone have a good etymology for it?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, Make the most of it I call them nylons. Quote Post by Perry » Fri Apr 28, am Originally women's stockings of any material only went about half way up the thigh. They were at various times held up by a garter belt sometimes called a suspender belt ; a garment worn over the underpants, to which a short double-ended fastener could be attached, with the other end attached to the stocking.

At other times an elastic garter would be worn around the top end of the stocking. Here is a fascinating article on the invention of nylon, and how it was applied to hosery before it was to any other usage. And this link is the history of stockings. Lately it hasn't been working. Quote Post by tcward » Fri Apr 28, am In my mind there is a big difference between stockings and hose.

At least I have been programmed by my lovely wife to believe such, since, as a man, I never had to worry about these details, but having a little girl requires a different more complete? I now always think of stockings as the thicker, warmer material -- more sock-like maybe? Of course, "stockings" can also be longer socks Hose , on the other hand foot? Don't know if anyone else makes that distinction. Quote Post by deespoohbear » Sat Apr 29, pm I always called them "pantyhose" or "hose" for short.

I do remember hearing my Grandmothers who were born in and refer to them as nylons. I am in my late 30's and live in Indiana. Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 4 guests.

Pantyhose and nylons

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