People that send nudes on snapchat

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For some, sending nudes is incredibly empowering, for others it can feel more awkward and embarrassing than sexy. One fairly obvious lesson I have learned of late is that my phone is nowhere near as private as my bedroom. The flipside to all the awkwardness, the obvious risks, and the inescapable fact that it will never be as good as the real thing is that sexting can be strangely empowering. I have a right to be comfortable in my body, especially my naked body, and how I exercise that is my own business — the same goes for everybody else. I read something recently that suggested not including your face, or any identifiable birthmarks, in any photos can be a simple rule of thumb in terms of protecting yourself.

Always ask, and if the answer is no the answer is NO and that much is final. No further discussion is needed. Alice is our resident sex columnist whose interests include pints, pink, and all things love-related. When she's not evangelising Singledom she's busy hyping up her East Midlands home town, demystifying bisexuality, and writing for other publications such as Lithium Magazine and Adolescent Content. Alice Garnett discusses how establishing a personal narrative of sex positivity is necessary, complex and deeply individual.

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People that send nudes on snapchat

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