Post orgasim torture

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The concept was simple: Memelords would post a reaction image of a subject in a state of sensory overload — a discombobulated gremlin with rolling eyes , say, or a shrieking Total Recall -era Arnold Schwarzenegger — accompanied by some variation of the aforementioned text. For a certain internet community, though, the meme represented more than just a funny and relatable passing thought. The subreddit is largely comprised of links to videos, images or GIFs of post-ejaculatory play combined with the occasional discussion about the kink, such as how one might get a husband or girlfriend to try it.

Moderating the subreddit is a balancing act for Spruce Fap, who tells me that it can be difficult to delineate between videos that merely continue past the point of ejaculation, and post-orgasm play proper. To the uninitiated, it might be hard to grasp the exact appeal of the kink, a sentiment Spruce Fap understands. Her smile. Her body. Her movement.

Her everything. That post, now two years old, is important to Spruce Fap, because it represents the moment that the community became self-sustaining. Madeleine Holden is a lawyer and freelance writer based between Berlin and New Zealand. She writes about relationships, sex, gender and whatever the hell else she feels like for MEL.

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Post orgasim torture

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