Post smash snapchat

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Subscriber active since. No, not " on fleek " as in they are cool or good, they are literally on Fleek — an app becoming popular on campuses as an unfiltered alternative to Snapchat. The app started gaining popularity on the Georgetown campus at the end of fall semester in Fleek, like Snapchat, lets users and share videos and photos that disappear after a set amount of time.

Users select their university and all posts are compiled into a giant story that can be viewed by anyone using the app. Anyone can submit anything — think nudity, kegs, and marijuana —and it'll go up on the app. Plus, there's also a peek feature that let's people who aren't on campus take a look.

Will Haskell said. Fleek feels more real. But, as you might have already guessed, not every student is prudent about what they post on the app. And like Snapchat, it's easy to screenshot a photo or video to save Fleek posts for later viewing or sharing.

Fleek isn't the only app on the market offering a potentially controversial look at college life. Yeti-Campus Stories offers a similar platform and faced criticism in , after a video of an alleged sexual assault was shared on the app. Fleek has already been met with resistance at schools like Florida Gulf Coast University. Still, at Georgetown, nothing serious has happened as a result of Fleek.

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Post smash snapchat

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College kids are obsessed with an X-rated Snapchat alternative called 'Fleek'