Walk the path that Huln took so very long ago, and bring honor to the name I must admit, when I first learned of the Horde, I was skeptical that we would share common ground. Graysky told me of your courage. My, what an unexpected honor! The Sunwell was corrupted by our enemies, but a naaru’s sacrifice purified its waters. Gallywix has operations underway in Silithus. Go back to Stormwind.

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I would consider it an honor to see the Sunwell, Lor’themar. Do you deny that the lords of the Void whisper to you? Get there at once. Warchief, the strength and courage of the Horde has been demonstrated by Baine Bloodhoof, as well as your champion. It is good to see your city free, First Arcanist. Pierre m’informe qu’il a créé une guilde sur le Royaume de Test Brill. I’m certain with telemancy we can achieve a much more stable solution.

But our work is not done yet.

ptr wow

I wish Nuu were here. It seems our victory on Argus was a hollow one.


ptr wow

I–I can’t do it! There’s no need to force the hand of fate. Something tells me we will speak again soon.

Patch (PTR) : dialogues dataminés [SPOILERS] – World of Warcraft –

We’re under a ptd tree! Many doubted that the ren’dorei could harness the power of the void without falling prey to its influence. Why do you fight your destiny, Windrunner? Your aid was invaluable, Thalyssra.

The wards have weakened! Je dois revoir la terre qui m’a vue naître Par contre l’armée de la lumière qui passe a l’alliance je suis pas d’accord I didn’t know mountains could ww this high! Il est encore ouvert? Pray that restoring the wards will mend Ebonhorn’s mind.

ptr wow

The way will soon be open to us! My fellow soldiers, the trials you have endured are proof that the Light shines bright within your hearts. I will yet have my prize. Prochain assaut à Zuldazar. We are a nation on the rise.

Tier 3 Raid Transmog Sets

The time wkw come for you to venture beyond our sacred peaks. I proudly serve as regent lord. My people are free, but we have been It requires constant attention.


We have established an embassy in Stormwind to spearhead these efforts. Thank you for extending the invitation, Regent Lord. I don’t know what to do! Then I will return, so that we can begin your training. Join me and rule by my side!

PTR — Wikipédia

Information has come to light crucial to the interests of the Horde. May the Light be with you always. The darkness is gone!

I will gather Silgryn and Valtrois, and meet you in Silvermoon. From this day forth, Highmountain vows to stand with you against all foes. You must stand as a beacon of hope against the darkness.

It may take time for these void elves wo earn the trust of some in our ranks.

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