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Just going to send a little shout out into the universe in the hopes that someone listens. I'm looking to rp NCT. I'd love Lucas-centric and Haechan-centric ships but honestly, not bothered. If you have a prompt you want to do, please hit me up. I'll leave my kik, message me I also have discord and WhatsApp, twitter Thank you. My name is Roro! Is anyone interested in rping 1 on 1 with me on kik or discord? I'm looking to world build at the moment! I'm cool with Fandom characters, though I don't want to follow any shows!

I want to make our own world and such! I have no limits, I like darker themes, so I expect the same in return, though whatever limits you have I will highly respect! I never want you to be uncomfortable. I'm also not ghost friendly, so if you ghost people and plan on ghosting me if something isn't working right, don't hit me up. I'm all about communication. Remembering how much I loved 1D in the s but in the literal gayest way possible because I would roleplay AS one of the boys with ppl online like I would rp as Zayn with random girls LMAOO and sometimes would rp as one of the guys with gay boys online too.

F20 here searching for a new roleplay partner. So please, more than one sentence! I really only have a couple of prompts but I prefer to spitball ideas and come up with something that works for both of us. I do prefer AUs, including supernatural plots, but really anything apart from highschool. Third person and replies longer than a couple of sentences, novels not required just have to have something to go off of and I can be quite lengthy with my own replies. Does anyone want to rp My Hero Academia but ocs that are the kids of Class 1A mostly smut where my oc, Mineta's daughter is the only female of the class and all the old classmates had sons and they use her as a fucktoy after training back in the dorms or any time they want?

When doing doubles I like to connect our prompts because I find it more engaging, but if you prefer to keep them separate, that is fine as well. I would like someone who can play multiple characters when needed, and someone who can provide quick and detailed responses. The fandoms that I do are Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, the hunger games, twilight, the , Buffy the Vampire Slayer, IT the losers club , one direction, certain youtubers, and just oc as well.

Often times, I also like to incorporate multiple different fandoms. For example, putting the boys from one direction in the hunger games. I like to incorporate a lot of drama and twists in the roleplay to keep things interesting as well. Smut is welcome but I'm also a sucker for slow burn romances too. If you want me to play Omar or Ander I only ship them with each other so I won't play one of them against another character unless it's friendship. F20 here looking for a long-term roleplay partner. I also enjoy playing multiple characters if needed, whatever keeps it interesting.

I just ask that the same amount of effort is reciprocated. George is preferred. For the Muggle! Version essentially! Have some traditional yet ways fun celebrityxfan plots! Oliver is preferred. View Full. Yanan x Kino rp? Kik; Bromanceobsessed. Before you message me, must read and follow the rules.

I do not interact with minors! Kik: Mysteriouswcman. Preferably Female and over Discord, 3rd or 1st, I have no preference and do them both. I'm in a lot of Fandoms, just ask! I double only so it's fair. You play my crush, I play yours. I am comfortable playing Male and Female characters and I expect the same from you. So if smut is not your thing, don't hit me up. I do also have a kik, but I prefer discord. If you've made it this far, great! Fandoms I'm in and looking for as far as characters go, will be in the tags. Hit me up on Kik for a chat or whatever. Username: lostmyway99 My snap is also available.

Seeking active roleplay partners! Looking for people to rp with! Larry rp Larry Stylinson rp narry rp zarry rp ziall rp ziam rp lilo rp lirry rp zouis rp kik rp telegram rp zianourry rp zourry rp Lourry rp.

If anyone is interested DM me or like the post. I could also play an OC against a character you'd love to play. It could be canon based or an AU. We can rp on here, kik or discord. Interact with this post if you are interested or send me a message. New RP partners wanted! Always looking for new people to RP with! Show More.

Roleplay ideas for kik

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