Sexual group names

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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. I saw on Buzzcocks awhile back, that the Scissor Sisters name has a sexual meaning, so I was wondering, anyone know any more? I can think of 10cc. Superwomble Posts: 4, Forum Member. Lovin Spoonful. Inkblot Posts: 26, Forum Member. Buzzcocks themselves, of course. And Pearl Jam. Eraserhead Posts: 22, Forum Member. The Butthole Surfers Flexible lovedoll. Siebenburgen Posts: 3, Forum Member.

Scissor Sisters. Mowbray wrote:. Fizzbin Posts: 36, Forum Member. Not a group, but with Captain Beefheart, 'beefheart' was a reference to the size of his bell end. It's probably quite obvious but I am still confused as to the meaning I had a sheltered upbringing etc Robbie Williams Blink It refers to how many times the average person blinks during sex.

Revolting Cocks. Havelock Vetinari Posts: 13, Forum Member. Stiff Little Fingers The Vibrators. Cornish Andy Posts: Forum Member. The Nipple Erectors. DaisyBumbleroot Posts: 24, Forum Member. Would "Throbbing Gristle" count? Sham 69 Sex Pistols. Agent Krycek Posts: 39, Forum Member.

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Sexual group names

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