Turkey nudes

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ISTANBUL — As an increasingly conservative Turkey grapples with questions of free expression, it might seem to be a risky time for an exhibition examining how Turkish artists fought cultural restrictions a century ago in order to paint the nude figure. Yet the place of the nude in Turkish art remains a delicate issue. The art context remains irrelevant for many people when nudity is involved. The mood in Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist party could be described as one of self-censorship, reinforced by developments like the recent arrests of two prominent journalists on espionage charges and the dismissal from his public health job of a doctor who shared a social media post comparing Mr.

The crackdown has largely centered on political expression, but Ms. Antmen acknowledged that an exhibition featuring nudes could upset some people. Wendy Shaw, a professor of the arts of Islamic cultures at the Free University Berlin, said that the Pera exhibition could be interpreted as an act of political resistance.

However, Ms. This is an art historical survey of an artistic genre. Drawing the human form from live models was long considered a rite of passage — and an academic requirement — for aspiring artists in the West, but Turkish artists under Ottoman rule had to do so clandestinely, Ms.

Antmen said, under threat from the authorities or conservative groups. The first Turkish art academy, founded in for male students, was part of the transition toward a more Western-oriented culture in the Ottoman Empire, Ms. Antmen said. But working from live nude models was prohibited until just before the Second Constitutional Era in Conversely, when an art academy for women was established in , those students were allowed to work with nude models, but only if the models were women.

Paintings of female nudes were first exhibited in Turkey in at the annual Galatasaray Exhibition in Istanbul, Ms. It took some doing, however, to reach the point at which such art could be publicly displayed. But after , when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk founded the modern Turkish Republic, the culture of the country, and the art academies, shifted.

In , both male and female nude models were used in coeducational classes, Ms. Antmen, who is also an associate professor of art history at Marmara University in Istanbul. Finding the works that showed this transition was a challenge, Ms.

Antmen said, because of the revealing nature of some of them, and the fact that many were hidden in private collections. Other potential inclusions might have been deliberately destroyed, or sat unrecognized inside junk shops. She tried to borrow from the national painting and sculpture museums in Istanbul and Ankara, but was told they were closed for inventories, she said.

Turkey nudes

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