Women who love to be spanked

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in. Women love to be spanked. Or do they. The Spanking debate. I feel sorry for the guys who try to impress girls with the same ole same ole and then fa l l for them and wonder why they cheated or left them for the guy with the new and improved same ole same ole. Shiny things peak womens interest but sex and power keeps them, after that security.

No shit. And remember there is a time, place and correct way to do anything and taking charge is something you do from the beginning. If your woman runs over you she is more than likely running somewhere else also to get her daily dose of man-handling. I might be full of shit. Who knows? Women are the most bestest gift God has ever created. One look from a woman can do to a man more than 10 ass-kickings from another man could ever do. Basically if I do something to a man that makes us fight and then I end up losing not likely since at heart I am a killer when threatened it will not make me not do whatever I was doing.

If I do the same thing and a woman looks at me the right way, I will probably not do it anymore, basically women have a power over men that no amount of force can produce. What does this have to do with spanking woman Husla3x, Get to that part! The strange thing is that the prettier the woman is the more a spanking may arouse her.

Have you not ever wondered why this gorgeous woman lets this man talk to or treat her this way? It is not always sex. Sounds nuts but that is hard to do. Husla3x Supergenius. Get started. Open in app. Darius Harris. in Get started.

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Women who love to be spanked

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