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Edit: don't be afraid to leave a comment here no matter how old this submission is. I'm online often and I'll probably respond within a matter of a few hours. I am attracted to certain animals emotionally, physically and sexually. I have been this way since the ninth grade, if not the eighth.

I find myself interested in dogs, wolves, and dolphins. I've always had this particular fondness of dogs since my childhood, and later on it developed into much more than that. When I was in my mid teens, I used to visit someone who had a chocolate Labrador Retriever. Prior, I haven't thought much of the dog, but soon found myself deeply attracted to her.

Whenever I was at her house, I would spend most of my time paying more attention to her rather than anyone else. I would play with her and cuddle with her in the basement while everyone else would be upstairs. I found it very arousing when she would lick my hands or face. The owner noticed that I've been paying a lot of attention to her dog. She told me that she was going to breed the dog soon, and promised to give me one of the puppies. I was really excited to hear that. One day that I left her house, I was hoping to be able to go back and see her dog again soon.

Sadly, that did not happen, as a week later I was told that someone forgot to bring her back into the house, so eventually she ran out onto the road and got hit by a car. She died on impact. I could not believe what I heard, but when I finally did, I cried for quite a while. I really did love her, and as soon as I realized that, she was taken away from me. She made me realize that my feelings and attraction towards animals are real.

I'm a male, if you wanted to know. I'm bisexual with both people and animals. I'm not exclusively attracted to animals. And no, I'm not desperate, nor am I single. I have both a human and an animal partner, both of which happen to be male. I have never really been overly ashamed of the way I am. I don't know why, but I just didn't feel guilty and shameful about like many other zoos do. It gave me something to enjoy, like any other obsession. I did realize that this would be something that many people would be intolerant of. I kept quiet about it and lived with that fact. I will do my best to answer any questions, but I will not give out any personal information or other information that may be used against me.

I will gladly have discussions about it with anyone who wants to argue their point of view. I'm quite sure there isn't anything I haven't heard of so say whatever you wish. Edit: The amount of feedback and support is overwhelming! I almost can't keep up with the comments. Unfortunately I can't keep replying all night, so some questions will have to wait. Edit: It's not a mental disorder. It does not interfere with my life nor my ability to function in society.

There is no reason for me to seek help if no help is required. Thank you. And no, I have not had any substantial problems in my life. I haven't really faced abuse or anything of the like. Edit: If a dog can consent to being neutered, if animals could consent to being slaughtered for meat, if a dog can consent to forced breeding , then why can't it consent to sex with a human? I emphasize breeding because when you breed dogs, you are persuading or coercing them into having sex. The only difference that has from sex with a human is, well, it's with a human.

Please stop making assumptions that animals can't consent if you're one of the people who do these things without their consent anyway. Edit: It appears to be that my new comments are getting deleted. I will continue to reply to questions, but you will only see them in your inbox. Edit: Problem solved. Seems my comments were getting removed by the spam filter since it thinks I'm a troll. Edit: Debate. If you and your friend jack were riding horses, and when you were done, jack had trouble dismounting the horse, would you help jack off the horse?

I thought zoophile was someone who liked zoos. Guess I learned something today. I hope you didn't tell too many people that you are a zoophile. Also wanted to ask, is there a reason you're more interested in dogs, wolves and dolphins over other animals? Well, I've always loved dogs, and I became interested in wolves later as they are both closely related animals.

I became interested in dolphins as my partner is very interested in dolphins, although he doesn't quite know why that is. Are you truly emotionally satisfied by a sexual relationship with an animal? Or is it purely a 'kink' of yours? People and animals both have different qualities to offer, and it's hard to live without having both of them. I have a dog, and my human partner is also a zoophile. Lucky me :. Thank you for sharing. How do you deal with the issue of consent? Is it your belief that an animal is able to have a consensual sexual relationship with a human? Well, if you pay attention, there are a few s that an animal is interested in you.

They would normally do the same things to you that they would do to a fellow animal to show that they are interested. I am fairly confident that, yes, animals and humans can have consensual sexual relationships. Many people have argued this with me in the past, but I have always had enough points to either convince them or have them give up.

Skritch, have you ever seen the aqua teen hunger force episode called "hand banana"? I'm in no position to really look down on you, though i guess i would consider it looking pretty far to the side at you. I don't know if you'll find this episode funny, I sure did. I guess I just want to lighten things up a bit. I do eat meat, and I have considered becoming a vegetarian.

I'm not sure that would happen though. I suppose if I was attracted to cows or something, I would stop eating beef. I am a zoophile. Ask me just about anything. Thank you And no, I have not had any substantial problems in my life. Edit: Yes, I am interested in furry. Sort by: best. In any case, yes. Continue this thread.

Zoophile chat

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I am a zoophile. Ask me just about anything.